Ain't Worried 'Bout A Thing

by Mike Longhelt



Have you ever been on vacation and everyone back at home is causing drama or complaining about this or that? But YOU can't be worried about any of that because you are chillin' on vacation!
Well, this is your song for the summer!


Ain't Worried 'Bout A Thing
By Mike Longhelt

I'm waking up to the sound of the rushing waves
While they’re at home taking selfies everyday
My sky is clear as the clouds fade away
Their only fear is did you see the post they made

Did he say that or did she say this
They’re only thinkin' bout their drama or there's something that I missed
While they’re sittin' all alone hoping someone left a comment
I’ll lay back and raise my hand and order extra vodka tonics

I ain’t worried bout a thing, no I’m not
Throw my shades on as I listen to my boombox
I ain’t worried bout a thing, no I’m not
I’ll stay here sipping on my drinks till the sun drops

I ain't worried bout a, No, I aint worried bout a thing
I ain't worried bout a thing, no i'm not

Verse 2:
I kick my feet up as I try to catch some rays
While they complain about how much that they get paid
I can’t be bothered by the stresses of their day
Or that they didn’t get their pumpkin spice latte

I don’t know much but I swear you this
If you don’t focus on your troubles it’s like life is mostly bliss
They can go on with their hating if they wanna waste their time
I’ll be ignoring all their problems cause this beach don’t kill my vibe

You can tell me that world’s gonna end
You can tell me that we’re no longer friends
or you can tell me that it’s all just pretend
Cause I ain’t worried bout a thing, no I'm not


released July 1, 2016


all rights reserved



Mike Longhelt Washington, D.C.

Mike Longhelt , is a Producer/DJ/Vocalist based out of the Washington, DC region. His work has been featured on top radio stations as well as TV shows such as the MTV, VH1, Fox Sports, ESPN, Oxygen Network and Discovery Channel. With his roots starting in the rock music scene, Mike brings a unique view to the fusion of pop/electronic music. ... more

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